All paintings are framed and for sale for $150 each. They are 8" x 10" oil on panels unless otherwise stated.  
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No. 314 White Roses
No. 313 Zinnia and Two Roses
No. 312 Roses and Zennia
No. 311 Two Roses
No. 310 Red Orchids
No. 309 Lilly Pond
No. 308 Caspian Turn in Flight
No. 307 Canadian Goose Taking Flight
No. 306 Barn Swallow on a Cattail
No. 304 Foggy Day
No. 305 Sun Flower on Black
No. 303 Three Mangos - 2
No. 302 St Simon Lighthouse
No. 301 Three Mangos
No. 300 Two Apples and Two Pears
No. 299 Moxie
No. 298 French Quarter Street Musician
No. 297 Swan and her Signet
No. 296 Corner in the French Quarters
No. 295 New Orleans French Quarters
No. 294 Connie's Ole' Floppy Hat
No. 293 Swan & 8 Signets
No. 292 Roses
No. 291 Pinion Pine in Colorado National Monument
No. 290 John Deere Wagon in Spring
No. 289 John Deere Wagon in Summer
No. 288 Great Old Fashion Book
No. 287 John Deere Wagon in Fall
No. 286 Sweet Peppers
No. 285 Monarch Butterfly on Purple Flower
No. 284 Oranges Apples Bananas
No. 283 Hoist Bay–Voyageurs Park
No. 282 Ponce de Leon Lighthouse
No. 281 Buck
No. 280 Horse Grazing
No. 279 1915 John Deere Wagon
No. 277 World Trade Center
No. 276 Roman Coliseum
No. 275 Cloud Study
No. 274 Cattails
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No. 290 John Deere Wagon in Spring